Visual Path

Be You
Be Amazing
Be Brave
Be Courteous
Be Grateful
Be Happy
Be Honest
Be Inspiring
Be Kind
Be Loyal
Be Silly
Be True

With high-definition shapes and lively patterns, Visual Path awakens the senses with a fun, dynamic aesthetic. This soft surface is intentionally designed to conjure organization and connectivity in learning environments with its vibrant use of color and geometry, which makes it ideal for collaborative and hands-on learning spaces. As part of the Discovery collection, Visual Path and Mentor were created from our design team’s research of the neurodivergent spectrum and what it means to educate the whole child.

Key Features:

  • Available in Modular Carpet Tile (9"x36"/18"x36" / 24" x 24") and Powerbond (Roll)
  • Choose from 12 colorways, from serene neutrals to vibrant tones
  • Features Dynex SD® premium fiber with permanent stain resistance
  • Includes fluorine-free EcoEnsure™ soil protection
  • Powerbond’s closed-cell cushion provides a wall-to-wall moisture barrier, so leaks and spills are easily extracted and never reach the subfloor

A hybrid or a paradox? As a hybrid carpet, Powerbond® delivers the durability of hard-surface flooring with the comfort and cushion of carpet. And that makes it perfect for high-use, high-abuse spaces that are expected to perform admirably for decades.