Coastline Carpet Tile

LND118-125 Maritime
LND118-73 Atlantic
LND133-13 Grey Seal
LND153 Rockpool
LND153-144 Pampas Grass
LNT215-153/153-261 Lighthouse/Scallop
LNT153/118-125 Rockpool/Maritime
LNT153-144/5-15 Pampas Grass/Crush
LNT133-13/60 Grey Seal/Anemone
LNT59-124/79-120 Dune/Shoreline
LNT96-65/254-15 Shore/Sandbar
SET118-125/153 Maritime/Rockpool
SET215-153/153-261 Lighthouse/Scallop
SET153/118-73 Rockpool/Atlantic
SET153-144/209-263 Pampas Grass/Mussel
SET254-15/96-65 Sandbar/Shore
SET59/254-15 Sea Oat/Sandbar

The Coastline collection was inspired by natural transitions of land and water– ocean waves, sandy beaches, grassy marshes and rocky cliffs. Whether you want a relaxed atmosphere or vibrant energy, these subtle gradients will allow you to create spaces that organically connect and flow.

Tufted, Textured Loop

Tile Size:
50 cm x 50 cm (19.7" x 19.7")

Yarn Type:

Stain Resist / Soil:
Release StainSmart®

Standard Backing:
PVC-Free WellBAC®
Comfort Cushion
Available with TractionBack®

Texture Appearance:
Retention Rating (TARR)
Severe Traffic End-Use Applications

Recommended Installation Methods:

Coastline is manufactured with WellBAC® Comfort cushion backing, and is certified NSF-140 Gold with 47.9% pre-consumer recycled content by total product weight. Coastline is also available with our NSF-140 Platinum backing option. All Milliken modular carpets carry Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which contribute to LEED certification. Additionally, Milliken modular carpets carry Declare® transparency labels and comply with the Red List Imperative of the Living Building Challenge.™

Not all colors and variations are shown. Please contact us for samples.