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Row Locator

Black Cherry
Black Tux
Bright Gold
Dozen Roses
Glacier Blue
Key Largo
Lemon Custard
Mandarin Orange
Patriot Blue
Pine Needle
Purple Heart
Radiant Red
Rich Charcoal
Silver Star
Snow Cap
Tea Leaf
The Masters
West Point
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Row Locator® is designed for showcasing indication for aisles, rows & more. 

Design carpet tiles to identify and easily locate aisles, rows, and more- while not distracting your interior appearance, style and presentation.

Navigating your auditoriums is a breeze with easy-to-read Row Locator® Aisle Markers. Our lettered carpet tiles can be easily placed into existing carpet. A variety of color options helps them blend in while our standard 12”x12” tile size makes them hard to miss. Custom sizes available, and no minimum order needed.

…Say hello to a better experience at the movies.

Produced with stain resistant commercial-grade materials and using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, our Row Locator® Floor Tiles are made to last and offer amazing performance while still displaying exactly what it is intended for- locating your rows.

Product Highlights:

  • Standard Size: 12″x12″ Per Tile, with/without 1″ Border
  • Can print all letters, numbers, symbols and custom images
  • Custom Colors Available (up to 3 colors can be used per tile)
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Design Your Row Locators®