Deviate Carpet Tile

618 Ocean
881 Pebble
868 Stone

Showcasing soft lines that conjure scenes like sea foam left behind on a coastline stroll or the cross-section of rock along a mountain hike, Deviate Tile, inspired by our Divergence collection, allows you to create stunning pathways that elevate the overall experience. The soothing foundation of greys, greige, beige, and saturated accents creates palettes that allows you to break from the ordinary and dive into exciting depths.


Mulit-Level Cut/Loop



Fiber Content

CF Lextron Enviro-Green Nylon

Secondary Backing

Ethos with Omnicoat Backing

Radiant Panel Class 1

Class I

Smoke Density Less Than 450

ASTM E 662 Less than 450

Installation Method

24x24 - Monolithic, Ashlar, Brick, Random, 1/4 Turn - 18x36/9x36 - Monolithic, Ashlar, Herringbone, Basketweave, Half Basket, Boxed In, Brick Stagger

Available Sizes

9" x 36" / 18" x 36" / 24" x 24"