Candere Carpet Tile

230 Aquamarine
420 Gold
110 Sateen
180 Silver

Inspired by our Candid Collection, Candere Tile presents a dynamic, perpendicular stitch pattern in gorgeous, pleasing tones that allows for a sense of rhythm and intrigue. There are no tricks on display here: Simply neutral and bold tones of texture to create subtle complexity and depth for engaging spaces.


Multi-Level Cut/Loop



Fiber Content

CF Lextron Enviro-Green Nylon

Secondary Backing

Ethos with Omnicoat Backing

Radiant Panel Class 1

Class 1

Smoke Density Less Than 450

ATSM E 662 Less than 450

Commercial Warranty

10 Year Limited Warrenty

Installation Method

24x24 - Ashlar, Random, 1/14 Turn - 18x36/9x36 - Ashlar, Herringbone, Basketweave, Half Basket, Boxed In, Stagger

Available Sizes

9" x 36" / 18" x 36" / 24" x 24" Tile Sizes