Art Made Carpet Tile

Small Field F
Small Field E
Small Field D
Small Field C
Small Field B
Small Field A
R- Continuous Random Field
R- Field E Dark
R- Runner Terzo
R- Field D
R- Field C
R- Field B
R- Field A
B- Runner Terzo
B- Continuous Random Field
B- Field E Dark
B- Field E Medium
B- Field E Light
B- Field D
B- Field C
B- Field B
B- Field A

Pattern Repeat: 1m x 1m, 4m x 4m, Random
Tile Size: 1 m x 1 m (39.4” x 39.4”)

Combining artisanal printmaking techniques with innovative technology, PrintWorks™ is the gateway to achieving infinite design possibilities. In the same way that printmaking revolutionized mass production methods, Milliken’s PrintWorks™ technology continues to visually convey modern aesthetics for today’s interiors. Taking inspiration from original woodcut and linocut prints, this collection embodies the masterful art technique of layering and replication, creating timeless artscapes with a contemporary feel.

Blending beautiful with practical. The ARTmade collection is a part of our Modular Landscapes solution – easy to install without the need for added pad; easy to replace damaged tiles; and its durability outlasts broadloom. Take advantage of the affordable luxury that ARTmade offers and elevate the style of any floor.

Small Field evokes a restorative aesthetic featured in six colorways ranging from charcoal grays to sun-bleached stone. Suitable for Guest Rooms with the Restore carpet base, Small Field is a single tile design that is simple to install.

Terzo was developed for the Hospitality market as an abstract cut and loop texture, providing a third level of dimension. Its ability to showcase patterns in stunning detail is paired with a random tufted design

The Continuous Random® system provides ample room for design interpretation. Paired with PrintWorks™ technology, you have the ultimate flexibility to achieve the form, flow, and function you desire. Using monolithic layouts, you can create a large pattern match aesthetic for an impactful floorscape.

Eurythmic print tile is manufactured with WellBAC® Comfort cushion backing, and is certified NSF- 140 Gold with 37.8% pre-consumer recycled content by total weight. Made in the USA, Eurythmic is also available with our NSF-140 Platinum backing option. All Milliken modular carpets carry Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which contribute to LEED certification. Additionally, Milliken modular carpets carry Declare® transparency labels and comply with the Red List Imperative of the Living Building Challenge.™