Revelation Carpet Tile

PWY108 Excursion
PWY79 Trail
PWY279 Fountain
PWY158 Glacier
PWY131 Reflect
PWY154 Observe
PWY119 Jet
PWY52 Sail
PWY203 Field
PWY276 Ridge
PWY277 Forest
PWY278 Voyage
PWY105 Crest
PWY146 Discover
PWY190 Explore
PWY96 Unearth
REV108 Excursion
REV79 Trail
REV279 Fountain
REV158 Glacier
REV131 Reflect
REV154 Observe
REV119 Jet
REV52 Sail
REV203 Field
REV276 Ridge
REV277 Forest
REV278 Voyage
REV105 Crest
REV146 Discover
REV190 Explore
REV96 Unearth
WAN108 Excursion
WAN79 Trail
WAN279 Fountain
WAN158 Glacier
WAN131 Reflect
WAN154 Observe
WAN119 Jet
WAN52 Sail
WAN203 Field
WAN276 Ridge
WAN277 Forest
WAN278 Voyage
WAN105 Crest
WAN146 Discover
WAN190 Explore
WAN96 Unearth

Three patterns to discover:

  • Pathway takes us deep into a secret garden to find hidden treasures. This organic, multicolor pattern will fill your space with texture and mystery.
  • Reveal layers antique rugs to create a sense of depth. Classic design motifs from Persian rugs give hints of handcrafted artistry.
  • Wander blends patina and texture with the marks of time. This distressed look is the perfect bridge between traditional and modern.

A modern expression of old-world elegance. Discover time-worn luxury that engages the senses. This is the Revelation collection, textured carpet in three patterns with 16 colors and a mix of yarns and lusters. A look inspired by antiquity with rich textures, patinas and layered colors that reveal vibrant jewel tones. Occasional hints of a master weaver’s artistry. With this collection, you can elevate the style of any space while filling it with comfort.

The flexibility of layouts and pattern coordination is practically limitless. Choose monolithic, ashlar or experiment with herringbone to achieve a patchwork aesthetic.

Tufted, Textured Loop

Tile Size:
50 cm x 1 m (19.7" x 39.4")

Yarn Type:
WearOn® Nylon

Stain Resist / Soil Release:

Finished Pile Height:
0.12" (3.05 mm)

Average Density (Finished):

Standard Backing:
PVC-Free WellBAC®
Comfort Plus
Available with TractionBack®

Texture Appearance Retention Rating (TARR):
Severe Traffic End-Use

Recommended Installation Method(s):
All Plank Methods

Revelation is manufactured with WellBAC® Comfort Plus cushion backing, and is certified NSF-140 Gold with 37.4% pre-consumer recycled content by total weight. Revelation is also available with our NSF-140 Platinum backing option. All Milliken modular carpets carry Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which contribute to LEED certification. Additionally, Milliken modular carpets carry Declare® transparency labels and comply with the Red List Imperative of the Living Building Challenge.™

Not all colors and variations are shown. Please contact us for samples.