Loud Speaker Carpet Tile

MDR201-197 Teal Blend
MDR202-161 Green Blend
MDR256-190 Harvest Blend
MDR33-146 Coral Blend
MDR73-157 Blue Blend
SUB250 Heather Grey
SUB152 Smokey Grey
SUB254 Hickory Grey
SUB118 Wool Grey
SUB119 Coal Black
TWE52 Blue Chroma
TWE33 Coral Chroma
TWE256 Harvest Chroma
TWE161 Green Chroma
TWE201 Teal Chroma
WOF146-152 Coral Detail
WOF157-250 Blue Detail
WOF201-119 Teal Detail
WOF202-118 Green Detail
WOF256-254 Harvest Detail

Color and texture in perfect harmony- The Loudspeaker printed collection was created to pair with select solution dyed coordinates from our Powerlines Quick Ship portfolio.

By integrating both products, you can define spaces with added design flexibility. And since all products ship within 3 weeks, you get the benefit of beauty and speed combined.

Tufted, Textured Loop

Tile Size:
25 cm x 1 m (9.84" x 39.4")

Yarn Type:
Milliken-Certified WearOn® Nylon

Stain Resist / Soil Release:

Finished Pile Height:
0.13" (3.30 mm)

Finished Pile Thickness:
0.08" (2.03 mm)

Average Density (Finished):

Standard Backing:
PVC-Free WellBAC® Comfort Cushion
Available with TractionBack®

Texture Appearance Retention Rating (TARR):
Severe Traffic End-Use Applications
Recommended Installation Methods


Loudspeaker and Powerlines/QS Coordinates are manufactured with WellBAC® Comfort Cushion backing, and are certified NSF-140 Gold with 39.3% (Loudspeaker) and 43.1% (Powerlines/QS Coordinates) pre-consumer recycled content by total weight. Loudspeaker and Powerlines/QS Coordinates are also available with our NSF-140 Platinum backing option. All Milliken modular carpets carry Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which contribute to LEED certification. Additionally, Milliken modular carpets carry Declare® transparency labels and comply with the Red List Imperative of the Living Building Challenge.™