First Sight Carpet Tile

Sandscape Bank
Sandscape Drift
Sandscape Dune
Sandscape Emerge
Sandscape Flow
Sandscape Glint
Sandscape Ledge
Sandscape Reef
Sandscape Reflect
Sandscape Rise
Sandscape Shell
Sandscape Shimmer
Sandscape Shoal
Sandscape Tidal
Surface Current- Bank
Surface Current- Drift
Surface Current- Dune
Surface Current- Emerge
Surface Current- Flow
Surface Current- Glint
Surface Current- Ledge
Surface Current- Reef
Surface Current- Reflect
Surface Current- Rise
Surface Current- Shell
Surface Current- Shimmer
Surface Current- Shoal
Surface Current- Tidal

Tile Size: 50 cm x 50 cm (19.7" x 19.7")

First Sight highlights the interplay between land and sea, capturing the moment when first light breaks on tranquil water. Subtle textures distinguish two organic patterns, providing the power to bridge spaces and define zones, and 14 neutral colors usher in serene floorscapes across a versatile range of spaces. Utilizing regenerated nylon, this product embodies Milliken’s steadfast commitment to sustainable design.

Surface Current- This bold, curvilinear pattern is reminiscent of shadows dancing across the ocean floor. The layered textures and contrasting lines invite a second look.

Sandscape- A soft, pebbled motif celebrates a meeting point of land and sea. Earthy tones and granular aesthetics bring to mind the softness of sun-warmed sand.

Create a sense of structured flow with zone-defining capabilities. A welcome palette of warm neutrals are tastefully accented with metallic glimmers, similar to the reflective glow of sunlight on the ocean’s surface.

Elevate the tactile appeal of floorscapes. Dynamic patterns are softened by a soothing textured surface, celebrating the juxtaposition of bold and understated. This highly coveted element brings a timeless beauty.

Embrace the organic charm of First Sight, where natural aesthetics meet hardworking functionality. Its composition is sustainability-driven through the use of regenerated nylon, a product derived from recycled fishing nets. Constructed on the lasting support of WellBAC® Comfort Cushion, First Sight delivers superior performance capabilities to mitigate moisture, reduce noise, and improve comfort.