Common Factor Carpet Tile

Vertex 1
Vertex 2
Vertex 3
Vertex 4
Vertex 5
Vertex 6
Sequence 1
Sequence 2
Sequence 3
Sequence 4
Sequence 5
Sequence 6
Frequency 1
Frequency 2
Frequency 3
Frequency 4
Frequency 5
Frequency 6
Array 1
Array 2
Array 3
Array 4
Array 5
Array 6
Acute 1
Acute 2
Acute 3
Acute 4
Acute 5
Acute 6

Tile Size: 1 m x 1 m (39.4” x 39.4”)

Introducing Common Factor, available in 5 patterns and 6 colors. Experience the collection’s unrivaled creative freedom made possible by Continuous Random®, a Milliken innovation. Common Factor patterns offer a range of design styles & scales, thus providing a more diverse offering. The variety of unique tiles are precision edge matched so the pattern.

Streamline project planning with fast track delivery. Common Factor products ship in 3 weeks or less, making it an ideal choice for accelerated timelines.

If Milliken’s standard offerings don’t suit your project, we can work together to customize the product color for orders over 100 SY. Additionally, our Printworks™ technology can translate any pattern and color combination to a variety of base textures and price points.