Grain & Bias Carpet Tile

Needlework 1
Needlework 2
Needlework 3
Needlework 4
Needlework 5
Needlework 6
Needlework 7
Needlework 8
Needlework 9
Needlework 10
Needlework 11
Needlework 12
Needlework 13
Needlework 14
Needlework 15
Needlework 16
Handspun 1
Handspun 2
Handspun 3
Handspun 4
Handspun 5
Handspun 6
Handspun 7
Handspun 8
Handspun 9
Handspun 10
Handspun 11
Handspun 12
Handspun 13
Handspun 14
Handspun 15
Handspun 16
Burnout 1
Burnout 2
Burnout 3
Burnout 4
Burnout 5
Burnout 6
Burnout 7
Burnout 8
Burnout 9
Burnout 10
Burnout 11
Burnout 12
Burnout 13
Burnout 14
Burnout 15
Burnout 16

Poetic Imperfections- Featuring three 50cm x 50cm tile patterns, all displaying a uniquely handcrafted aesthetic, Grain + Bias offers a modern, functional approach to floorscape design while still capturing the ambiance and appeal of cozier settings.

With an approachable range paired with areas of rich pigment, building a bespoke, expressive floorscape is simple.

  • Handspun: Loose and inviting, Handspun weaves modern nostalgia into spaces with linear flow, captivating shade work, and poetic imperfection.
  • Needlework: Confident and expressive, Needlework artfully defines spaces with a bolder perspective fused with an animated yet approachable integration of shape and movement.
  • Burnout: Distinctive and slightly raw, Burnout discovers a reimagined, almost transcending handcrafted approach with a unique mix of tone and contrast.

Perfectly stitched together- Boasting universal functionality and effortless coordination capabilities, Grain + Bias resolves a number of varying design demands with its versatile patterns and wide-ranging selection of balanced colors.

Bespoke workplaces- Grain + Bias' flexibility of installations allow you to reinvent work areas while simultaneously enriching the overall comfort and appeal of a larger space.

Individual spaces + classic comforts- Craft and define individual work stations while enriching the overall comfort and intimacy.

Crafting floorscapes + buildable color- Grain + Bias offers an assortment of colors all boasting a stunning yet slightly more subdued quality, making this palette ideal for mixing and matching among installations.

Flexible installations- With an approachable range paired with areas of rich pigment, building a bespoke, expressive floorscape is simple.

Layered coordination- Seamlessly pair with complementing carpet patterns as well as LVT options for a stunningly visual statement.