Merge Forward

HIG205 Salt Marsh
HIG180 Thicket
HIG235 Driftwood
HIG6 Brackish
HIG251 Fauna
HIG220 Shoreline
HIG207 Sea Grass
HIG121 Sun Kissed
REJ213 Lowland
REJ217 Dune
RES152 Marsh
RES218 Coastline

The concept of modern luxury is defined by experiences, not things. Luxury is achieved through an unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious design and future-driven processes. In the pursuit of crafting a resilient, PVC-Free option, we’ve created the next generational product solution: Merge Forward. All of the products in the Merge Forward collection are certified Red List Free.

Our Merge Forward solutions are long-lasting, sustainable, and design forward in their creation. These lightweight flooring options are crafted to impress in terms of aesthetics and performance, utilizing a translucent wear layer that allows clarity of the design. We take great care when selecting materials, manufacturing products, and delivering them to our customers.

The 3 patterns and 12 colorways were inspired by the captivating textures and beneficial environmental impact of mangrove forests. This high-performing Red List Free collection is as innovative as it is beautiful – art backed by science. Furthermore, it allows you to meet your environmental goals and design price point, ensuring that you never have to compromise style or sustainability objectives.

EGround your interiors with an abstract design reminiscent of the mangroves’ dense root system, which serves as a protective habitat for marine life. Available in 18” x 36” tiles.

Reflect the robust energy of rich sediment sand in the mangrove wetlands, a natural testament to keeping our ecosystem clean. Available in 18” x 36” tiles.

Opt for a natural aesthetic with the beauty of richly grained Mangrove tree bark. Available in 7” x 48” planks.

High Performance
Rigid Core Tile

ProGuard MAX™

Wear Layer Thickness:
20 mil (0.5 mm)

Overall Thickness:
4.5 mm (0.177”)

Edge Profile:
Micro Bevel, with tongue and groove

Glue Down

Tile Sizes:
7” x 48” (177.8mm x 1219.2mm)
18” x 36” (457.2mm x 914.4mm)

Pieces Per Box:
7” x 48”: 14
18” x 36”: 7

Weight Per Box:
7” x 48”: 39.82 lb (18.06 kg)
18” x 36”: 38.45 lb (17.44 kg)

Quantity Per Box:
7” x 48”: 32.67 ft² (3.03 m²)
18” x 36”: 31.50 ft² (2.93 m²)

22 Year Limited Commercial Wear:
1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty

Recommended Installation Method:

Milliken’s durable, resilient flooring is PVC-Free and Red List Free. Each product is engineered to be both striking and sustainable, helping you find a no-compromise pathway to reach your sustainability goals and simultaneously achieving desired aesthetics. All production waste is granulated and recycled into backing production to create an internal closed loop recycling process. Milliken resilient flooring meets many environmental standards, including FloorScore® certified, Prop 65 Free and Phthalate Free, Certified EPD, Red List Free, Declare, and Practice Greenhealth.