Shaw Contract

Natural Choreography

Cut- Ash
Cut- Cacao
Cut- Charcoal
Cut- Ecru
Cut- Honey
Cut- Mushroom
Cut- Sienna
Cut- Talc
Shear- Carrara
Shear- Grigio
Shear- Midnight
Shear- Mystic

Type: Heavy Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile with Fiberglass
Size: 18 in x 18 in | 46 cm x 46 cm

Explore the art of nature’s sequential movements and expressive transitions with Natural Choreography, designed in collaboration with Rockwell Group. The unique visual of Cut LVT mimics natural end-cut wood floors, in which individual wood block tiles connect in an imperfect way. 

Shear creates the impression of ornate metal inlays in marble. All with the performance of resilient flooring and 5 mm thickness to allow for installation next to most carpet tiles without the need for transition strips.