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Rexcourt Sheet

Golden Cherry
Grand Maple
Indian Cherry
Noble Zelkova
Antique Oak
Tiger Oak
Windsor Oak
Rexcourt- Beige
Rexcourt- Blue
Rexcourt- Dark Blue
Rexcourt- Dark Green
Rexcourt- Gray
Rexcourt- Orange
Rexcourt- Red
Rexcourt- Sky Blue
Rexcourt- Yellow

Material Innovation- Rexcourt is a closed cell foam backing designed specifically for gym floors.

Absorbs Impact- Absorbs shock, impact and offers optimum traction and slip resistance for the prevention of fatigue and injuries.

No Polish Needed- Polyurethane coating seals out dirt and eliminates the need for polishes or finishes, reducing cost.

Improves Acoustics- Meets NCAA and EN standards for ball bounce-back percentage and has softer acoustics for a quieter gym.

  • Style: Rexcourt Sheet, 0004V
  • Size: 5.91 ft x 49.2 ft | 1.8 m x 15 m
  • Actual Dimensions: 5.91 ft x 49.2 ft | 1.8 m x 15 m
  • Construction: Commercial Heterogeneous Sheet with Fiberglass
  • Type: Sheet
  • Overall Thickness: 0.256 in | 6.5 mm
  • Wear Layer Thickness: 39 mil | 0.99 mm
  • Finish: UV Urethane
  • Carbon Impact: GWP # 9.403 kg CO₂/m²
  • Warranty(S): 10 Year Commercial Limited Warranty
  • Adhesive Options: 4200 Resilient Sheet 1 Gallon, 4200 Reslient Sheet 4 Gallon, 2200 Resilient Tile 4 Gallon, 4151 Multi-Use Premium 4 Gallon