Dancefloor was created to meet performance needs as well as the practical requirements of the studio. Dancefloor continues to be the preferred surface of the Australian Ballet and can be found in most major arts centers in Australia, including the Sydney Opera House. If you need a dance surface you can depend on, give Tarkett’s Dancefloor a chance to audition.

All dancers deserve a floor they can count on. Tarkett’s Dancefloor has finely tuned properties for confidant footing and cushion to reduce strain. The 3.5mm floor is specifically designed for the stage and studio needs of professionals, but with inclusive pricing for everyone.

Dance can be physically demanding, but a true sprung floor can reduce strain and allow dancers to focus on creating art rather than battling fatigue. Tarkett’s Inspiration provides high shock absorption, uniform response, and an optimized Dancefloor surface for grip.

Inspiration Pro is a competition-level sprung dance flooring solution that provides an unparalleled combination of deformation, performance, safety and comfort. By adding an area-elastic birch plywood sub-system to a point-elastic surface, Inspiration Pro brings dance to another level.