Graphictrax Pro

Branding and Logos
Graphics and Patterns

Graphictrax Pro gives you the option to customize your flooring with any color, pattern or style while enjoying the legendary Swisstrax performance. Designed for various applications, it’s never been easier to transform your space with a premium, commercial grade vinyl flooring solution. To create your own Graphictrax Pro tiles, contact our Flooring Specialists today for a quote.

As a suspended modular flooring solution, Swisstrax tiles protect your flooring from ongoing wear and tear to your original flooring. Build an eye-catching and functional flooring solution for your space while protecting your sub-surface.

Customizable: Stand out in a crowd with Swisstrax Graphictrax Pro customizable tile. These tiles are custom-built with your choice of artwork that is placed on the vinyl in-lay. Perfect for retail, conferences, businesses and more. Upgrade your branding game with Graphictrax Pro flooring tile.

Custom Options: The Swisstrax Graphictrax Pro tile can be customized to your desired image, pattern, or color. Personalize your style or make a brand statement with these customizable graphic tiles. Graphictrax Pro can be combined with any of our Pro line tiles.

Specifications: 15.75 in (40 cm) x 15.75 in (40 cm) x 0.75 in (1.9 cm), Weight 41.6 oz. (2.6 lb) Closed profile “peel & stick” commercial grade vinyl inlay. Polypropylene copolymer material. Engineered with an advanced channeling system underneath, so you can easily organize and hide wiring. 

Swisstrax's flow-through design and highly durable construction has made it the ideal surfacing for all types of areas.

Popular Applications: Workshops, Detail Shops, Gyms, Industrial/Factories, Offices, Outdoor Areas, Garages, Pool Decking, Patios, Laundry Rooms, Tradeshows, Rental Flooring, Tent Flooring