Logotrax Pro

Logotrax Pro tile is a custom work of craftsmanship, helping your brand stand out in the crowd. Provide the logo, and we’ll transform it into a bold flooring addition. Brand your showroom, garage or trade show booth with a premium, commercial-grade modular flooring solution. To create your custom Logotrax Pro tile, contact our Floor Specialists today for a quote.

Customizable: Stand out in a crowd with Swisstrax Graphictrax Pro customizable tile. These tiles are custom-built with your choice of artwork that is placed on the vinyl in-lay. Perfect for retail, conferences, businesses and more. Upgrade your branding game with Graphictrax Pro flooring tile.

Stand out in a crowd with Swisstrax Logotrax Pro customizable tile. These tiles are custom-built with your artwork inlaid in the tile, whether it's one tile or over a large section of tile. Perfect for retail, conferences, businesses and more, upgrade your branding game with Logotrax Pro flooring tile.

As a suspended modular flooring solution, Swisstrax tiles protect your flooring from ongoing wear and tear to your original flooring. Build an eye-catching and functional flooring solution for your space while protecting your sub-surface.

Custom Options: The Swisstrax Graphictrax Pro tile can be customized to your desired image, pattern, or color. Personalize your style or make a brand statement with these customizable graphic tiles. Graphictrax Pro can be combined with any of our Pro line tiles.

Specifications: Size 15.75 in (40 cm) x 15.75 in (40 cm), Weight 1.47 lbs. (23.5 oz), Perforation 0.13 in (0.32 cm), Polypropylene copolymer material. Engineered with an advanced channeling system underneath, you can easily remove dirt and debris with a high-pressure hose or a shop vac.

Swisstrax's flow-through design and highly durable construction has made it the ideal surfacing for all types of areas.

Popular Applications: Workshops, Detail Shops, Gyms, Industrial/Factories, Offices, Outdoor Areas, Garages, Pool Decking, Patios, Laundry Rooms, Tradeshows, Rental Flooring, Tent Flooring