Johnsonite Tactile Warning Surface - Rubber

Tactile Warning Surface allows a balance of compliant materials with good design. Discover compliant solutions available 114 colors that are interchangeable with all of Johnsonite's rubber tile products. All Tactile Warning Tiles meet the specific size and dimension standards as required by ISO/FDIS 23599.

Tactile Warning Tile (Attention Tile)
Tactile Warning Tiles or Attention Tiles indicate special hazards for the blind or visually impaired. They are used to indicate changes in level in areas such as steps, ramps and escalators. TWSI Attention Tiles can also help guide the blind and visually impaired tactually, or by feel, through the soles of shoes. 

Tactile Guide Tile (Guide Tile)
Tactile Guide Tiles or Guide Tiles are designed to aid the blind and visually impaired to traverse open spaces by indicating primary routes of travel. 

  • Meets current ISO/FDIS 23599 Assistive Products for the Blind & Vision-Impaired, Canadian Standards Assoc. N551-12, Division A of Ontario Regulation 332/12, and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • Available in 114 solid colors
  • Can easily be coordinated with all Johnsonite rubber products

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