Create Expression


An artisanal interpretation of terrazzo and mosaic, Create Expression features unique, bold shapes and subtle color variation, helping connect a space’s materials and patterns. Because the visual is digitally printed by our own North American team, you can easily customize the accent colors and still enjoy quick lead times and low minimum order quantities. Pair Create Expression with the rest of the Collaborative collection, which offers a broad mix of artful LVT and carpet patterns for dynamic workplaces.

Key Features:

  • Offered on Tarkett’s superior Contour construction with 32-mil wear layer Choose from 4 inviting colorways and two tile sizes 
  • Digitally printed for crisp artistic details and longer pattern repeats
  • Protected by Techtonic® polyurethane coating for outstanding protection against scuffs, stains and abrasions with no scratch whitening

Collaborative Collection
At the foundation of culture is connectivity - the driving factor in returning to a shared workspace. With Collaborative, we celebrate coming together as individuals to build and create. In styles of carpet and LVT designed through collaborative mark-making, the collection creates inclusive destinations where cultures can thrive.