Shaw Floors

Classico 13x13

Beige 00200
Ivory 00100
Light Grey 00150

Our stunning tile & stone collections allow you to unleash your creativity with endless combinations. Designed to mimic the natural textures, like quarried slate, travertine and limestone, these looks embody flooring sophistication. Shaw tile & stone is available in ceramic, porcelain and stone and includes eco-friendly options to meet your various project needs.

Style CS69F CLASSICO 13X13
Colors Beige 00200, Ivory00100, Light Grey 00150
Collection Ceramic Solutions
Product Type Tile Stone
Glaze Hardness 8
Shade & Texture Variation M
Sq. Ft. Per Box 10.76
Surface Texture TRAVERTNE
Surface Finish Textured
Water Absorption % 0.23% (Impervious (Porcelain))
Break Strength >= 250 lbs
Wet CoF >= 0.42
Frost Resistant YES