Magic Hour

AMS217 Filter
AMS68 Lens
AMS13 Viewfinder
AMS120 Focus
HZN121-204 Light
HZN208 Indirect
HZN124-208 Empyrean
HZN176-121 Ethereal
HZN144 Exposure
HZN122 Backlight
PER254 Mystique
PER234 Aura
PER180 Ambient
PER257 Sunbeam
PER131 Halo
PER265 Flashbulb
PER138 Shutter
PER174 Silhouette

This collection reflects the natural beauty of our world, inspired by the light and shadow play during these golden hours. Wood, stone and abstract patterns provide options for organic elegance, echoing the energy of a seaside vignette, quiet forest, or humming city. Tap into the restorative power of connectivity suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from commercial and hospitality to education and office spaces.

Invest in versatile solutions that stand the test of time. The patterns and sizes of The Magic Hour fit together seamlessly, providing creative flexibility to arrange a unique floorscape. This high performance 5.0mm collection features our best-in-class ProGuard MAX™ coating and 22mil wear layer with a 22-year limited commercial wear warranty. As an M/PACT Carbon Neutral and Ortho-Phthalate Free product, these attributes greatly benefit both people and the planet.

Embrace soft shadows cast from light behind the clouds onto the sand. Ground your interiors with this textural design.

This abstract pattern is reminiscent of a glittering city skyline reflecting dimensional patterns.

Ranging from pale sand to rich taupe, the hypnotizing wood grain pattern provides a soothing effect, similar to a walk through a sun-speckled forest.

High Performance Luxury Vinyl Tile

ProGuard™ MAX Coating

Wear Layer Thickness:
22 mil (0.55 mm)

Overall Thickness:
5.0 mm (0.197")

Edge Profile:

Glue Down

Tile Sizes:
Atmosphere: 50 cm x 50 cm (19.68" x 19.68")
Horizon: 25 cm x 150 cm (9.84" x 59.06")
Perspective: 25 cm x 150 cm (9.84" x 59.06")

Pieces Per Box:
Atmosphere: 10
Horizon: 6
Perspective: 6

Weight Per Box:
Atmosphere: 50.94 lb (23.10 kg)
Horizon: 46.02 lb (20.87 kg)
Perspective: 46.02 lb (20.87 kg)

Quantity Per Box:
Atmosphere: 26.91 ft2 (2.50 m2)
Horizon: 24.22 ft2 (2.25 m2)
Perspective: 24.22 ft2 (2.25 m2)

22 - Year Limited Commercial Wear
1 - Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty

Recommended Installation Methods:
Atmosphere (tiles): Random

Milliken LVT is durable resilient flooring engineered with the highest quality raw materials to provide unsurpassed performance and enduring aesthetics. Milliken LVT is 100% ortho-phthalate free. All production waste is granulated and recycled into backing production to create an internal closed loop recycling process. Milliken LVT is manufactured at facilities that are ISO 9001 compliant. Milliken LVT meets many environmental standards, including FloorScore® certified, Prop 65 Free and Ortho-Phthalate Free, Certified EPD, and Declare.