Fortified Foundations

GUN208-176 Brook
POL13 Sandpaper
POL67 Polish
POL55 Trowel
POL144 Scoring
EER79-13 Interior
EER108-215-209 Drawing
HER208 Pride
HER218 Honor
HER76 Courage
HER145 Legacy
TAN6 Dawn
TAN79 Dusk
SHE145 Moose
SHE76-144 Fog
SHE208 Mist
SHE176 Whimsy

Just as texture and physical appearance will vary in samples of wood, beautiful variations of shade are found in this unique LVT product. The shade variation guide reflects our LVT styles ranging from low, to moderate, to high. Low shade variation features soft and subtle gradations. Moderate shade variation contains a more distinguishable variety of hue. And high shade variation models the highest level of contrast. The patterns in FORTIFIED FOUNDATIONS have varying shade variation as noted throughout the brochure.

Tile Size: 
9” X 60”
18” X 36”
36” X 36”

High Performance Luxury Vinyl Tile

ProGuard MAXTM Polyurethane Coating

Wear Layer Thickness: 
22mil (0.55mm)

Overall Thickness:
5.0mm (0.197”)

Edge Profile:
Micro Bevel

22 Year Limited Commercial Wear Warranty

Not all colors and variations are shown. Please contact us for samples.