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Choose Your Performance. Choose Your Style.

Vinyl sheet flooring is more resilient, comfortable and realistic-looking than ever. Choose from three distinct performance levels, each with a different balance of durability and comfort to fit your lifestyle and budget. Then choose the look you love — we offer dozens of modern and stylish options.

Superior Durability- Products with our best finish option, Diamond 10 Technology, are scratch, scuff and stain resistant to keep floors looking newer, longer.

Soft Comfort- Vinyl sheet is warm, soft and can even feel cushiony underfoot, bringing an unexpected level of comfort to your floor.

Easy Maintenance- With no grout to clean and a protective finish that repels dirt and spills, caring for your vinyl sheet flooring is no sweat.

Priceless Protection- It’s new. Revolutionary. And it’s made from one of the world's hardest substances: cultured diamonds. Innovative Diamond 10 Technology makes our vinyl sheet floors scratch, scuff and stain resistant. It also repels dirt, making clean-up a breeze. Diamond 10 Technology is featured on CushionStep Better vinyl sheet floors.

Modern and Stylish Design- Transform your home with the striking style of vinyl sheet. Choose from authentic wood or stone-inspired designs. Go retro with black-and-white checkerboard. Or try an unconventional look, like linen.

CushionStep Better- Supreme comfort combined with durable Diamond 10® Technology. This flooring is ideal for homeowners seeking both performance and a soft, warm touch underfoot.

25-year limited residential warranty