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Design & Create

Create in real-time with our infinite color pallets, patterns, materials and more for you to achieve the perfect design for your space. KNB Mills empowers design with full confidence and has everything you need to bring your designs to life.

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Visualize & Revolutionize

Visualize as you design real scale samples of your custom carpet in your space with our AI. Create, conceptualize & visualize your rooms in real-time. Discover some of the ways KNB can enable your surface coverings to look real before they are.

Get impressed with our latest multifunctional products and collections for your next project.

Entrance Flooring

Improve the health, safety, and cleanliness of your interior spaces with Entrance Flooring. Capture dirt and moisture with a variety of forms including Bar, Grid, & Tile.

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Grass Turf

Cutting-edge, natural looking Synthetic Grass Turf with design solutions for all applications to perform at the highest level for commercial and residential.

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Sport Floor

Discover rubber flooring that's tough & durable- with exceptional sound insulation and impact absorption. Create unique looks with a vast variety of colors.

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Custom Logos

Have your brands identity become a flooring element in your space. Blend your creativity with our artists' skills and technology to make superb floor coverings.

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Carpet Tile

Our versatile product lines of Modular Carpet Tiles are a great flooring solution- and perfect for longevity for creating a healthy, comfortable environment.

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Get ready for Summer.

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Modular Carpet Tile for any space.

Dream homes are built on great foundations.

Outdoor Carpet
Carpet Tile

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