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More Versatile Than Traditional Tile

Available in multiple sizes:
12" x 24"
16" x 16"
8" x 16"

Like stone, ceramic and porcelain, VersaStyle Engineered Tile flooring is incredibly beautiful and durable. But its comfortable surface makes VersaStyle warmer to the touch, kinder to your feet, and easier to care for in any room of your home. 

Lasting strength- Enjoy superior durability backed by our lifetime warranty — tiles are water, scratch and stain repellent, and unlike natural stone, they are crack resistant.

Easy to clean- Engineered tile handles kids, pets, water, high traffic and everyday messes, thanks to a stain-and-soil repellent surfface (grout included).

Endless design possibilities- Elevate your home’s style with stone, marble or travertine looks in both modern-inspired designs and timeless classics.

Experience Warmth and Comfort- A big downside of traditional stone, ceramic and porcelain is how cold and hard the tiles are. VersaStyle was designed to capture the natural beauty of these classic looks, while retaining warmth, absorbing sound and feeling more forgiving to your feet.

Authentic Looks- VersaStyle tiles are groutable for a true tile look and feel and feature more than two times the unique visuals of similar products.

Installation Made Easy- Yes, it's possible to get gorgeous, durable-for-life flooring in just a day. VersaStyle is faster, easier and cleaner to install than natural stone or ceramic tile — and best of all, less time and labor means your installation will cost less, too.

Explore the Versatility of VersaStyle- Get ideas and inspiration for using VersaStyle in your space, to match your style. Choose from a wide range of styles, including slate, travertine, concrete, and classic and woven marble.

Not all colors are shown please contact us for more product information.