K9 Serenity

Pile Height

This durable and attractive line from Shawgrass offers a variety of products that canbe used in a multitude of outdoor spaces. Designed to function well for residential and commercial applications and developed specifically for our furry friends, the K9 collection allows flexibility in design.

This line of products is some of the strongestand most unique solutions in the industry designed with a special high flow backing system with pets in mind that results in a cleaner and odor free area. With a beautiful look and fibers that can withstand everyday use from pets and people, it’s not hard to see why this line is one of the top choices in the Shawgrass Collection.

Fiber Type


Fiber Mass

14,404 denier 10 Ply PE Mono
4,500 denier 8 Ply PE Mono

Tufted Pile Height

1.25 in.

Turf Blade Color/Turf Thatch Color

311 Lime/Green-Jute
321 Olive/Green-Jute
331 Apple/Green-Jute

Tufting Gauge

3/8 in.

Total Weight

79 oz/yd²

Face Weight

55 oz/yd²

Backing Matrix

24 oz/yd²
High flow K9 backing matrix

Item Number


Tufted Roll Width

15 ft.

Tufted Roll Length

100 ft.

10 YEAR LIMITED COMMERCIAL WARRANTY. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Custom roll lengths and cuts are available upon request.