Bunker Turf

Pile Height

This is the premium bunker turf product. This product looks and feels like a real sand trap. This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a compacted aggregate base.

  • High performance quality
  • Reacts naturally
  • Improved durability and safety
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Clean and can be cleaned easily
  • Consistent performance over time and use
Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer Polypropylene
Yarn Cross Section Texturized Polypropylene
Standard Colors Sand
UV Stabilized Yes
Fabric Construction Tufted
Primary Backing Dual layered woven polypropylene
Coating Type(s) SilverBack™ Polyurethane
Perforations Yes
Yarn Denier/Ends 7500/5
Texturized Denier/Ends (Thatch) 4600/8
Recommended Infill 2-3 lbs. Silica Sand
Pile Height 1 1/8"
Total Weight 63 oz.
Fabric Width 15 Ft.

Pure, Quiet Strength.
Imagine having the strength of seven Olympic weight lifters or weighing over 400 lbs and being able to do one armed pull-ups. Our new SilverBack™ is the quiet strength under your new synthetic turf that gives you peace of mind your investment is protected by unmatched strength.


  • SilverBack’s coating system takes advantage of the most advanced technology in the coating industry.
  • Engineered with quality in mind from the pure polyurethane chemistry to the application system.
  • Features technologically advanced chemistry focusing on offering the highest quality components to create the best coating system available.
  • Applied using an application system designed specifically for this coating system in order to have full control of the entire system.
  • Certified Quality – OHSAS 18001

Strength is in our DNA.

ArmorLocTM 3L utilizes a complete woven system as the foundation to deliver the world’s strongest artificial turf system. Primary backing plays a vital role in the overall design of an artificial turf system.

ArmorLoc™ 3L is non-directional, dimensionally stable and ensures no excess movement. Combined, ArmorLoc™ 3L with Silverback™ urethane coating and specialized yarns work together binding the DNA of all three components creating a thermoset bond. ArmorLoc™ 3L delivers the science of DNA strand building.

Equipment like playground slides, should be properly grounded per manufactures recommendations. Methods include copper grounding wire and grounding rods.


  • Built into the structure of the product.
  • Guarantees total coverage (not topically applied).
  • Designed to last the life of the product.
  • Electro conductive yarn fiber.
  • Grounding proprieties.


  • Reduces static discharge.
  • No applied coating that requires maintenance.
  • Recommended use around playgrounds.
  • Antistatic properties.