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Opulence Swatches

7901 Emperor
7597 Charcoal
7500 Coal
7711 Chocolate
7530 Cloud
7470 Cobalt
7713 Cattail
7750 Coffee
7860 Cranberry
7401 Delft
7580 Denim
7506 Dover
7490 Blue Blazer
7375 Black Forest
7370 Avocado
7319 Basil
7518 Blizzard
7330 Cactus
7706 Antelope
7903 Bright
7201 Lemon
7150 Mushroom
7870 Lipstick
7409 Nautical
7496 Night Tide
7505 Nimbus
7910 Old Spar
7904 Haze
7855 Henna
7445 Gulf Stream
7585 Gunmetal
7111 Hazelnut
7801 Hot Pink
7101 Ivory
7308 Denver Pine
7981 Fresh Lilac
7990 Eggplant
7606 Fall
7365 Fern
7399 Grass
7761 Twine
7485 Royal
7302 Retro
7332 Sagebrush
7484 Sea
7755 Sesame
7502 Silver Lining
7326 Sprout
7665 Spice
7760 Suede
7601 Orange
7193 Puma
7235 Midas
7501 Moonlight
7331 Mikado
7505 Raven
7861 Red Soul
7545 Khaki
7301 Lime
7315 Tundra
7202 Sunshine
7462 Tonic
7993 Violet
7491 Vivid

Beautiful Ultra-Dense Cut Pile- The inherent beauty of a plush is the simple definition of each fiber. Have the ability to have a larger color palette. Opulence means choices.

Opulence is engineered to create elegant, highly durable flooring. Created for powerful branding, wall-to-wall or custom designer rugs. It is so versatile the it can be used in corporate lobbies, board rooms, sports facilities, elegant residences and more.

Opulence opens up a wider scope of possible design combinations with its large color library. Creative spaces can be enhanced by turning your flooring concepts into a finished product that contributes to your overall design and/or brand.

Opulence rugs can translate your original designs into an exquisitely precise rug. Our designers make sure your concepts are rendered to your specifications. The rugs are then fabricated at our manufacturing facility, where they are machine cut, inlaid and pieced together by hand. Then your order is shipped to the job site and inset by the flooring contractor. Opulence rugs may include but are not limited to logos, mascots, unique images or repeated patterns.

We combine our innovation and your creativity to create an attractive addition to any space. You can use shapes, colors and textures to design a floor that will help create an experience and communicate a brand message. Custom cutting can also be used in practical ways such as showing direction, dividing a space without using physical barriers, or aiding in educational activities in classrooms. From start to finish our designers and technicians will work to ensure your design vision matches the end result.


Solid Cut Pile
100% Nylon
100% Piece-dyed
Availability - 12’ rolls


Pile - .243 inches
Weight - 42 oz/sy
PP Woven
Radiant Panel - (ASTM E 648) class I
NBS Smoke - (ASTM E 662) less than 450

Eco & Recyclability:

SSP Soil Protection
Sound Management


Installed rugs & broadloom - direct glue down on prepared floors using premium latex adhesives


5 yr limited warranty Opulence broadloom installed
3 yr limited warranty Opulence aread rugs installed
2 year limited warranty for Opulence freestanding area rug

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